Why Viral Marketing Helps Business

Viral Marketing is a big solution to most problems in business. Ever since I learned how to use Viral Marketing, it’s helped me and my clients improve business.Advertising on the internet is extremely important. It’s the wave of the future. If anybody wants anything, whether it’s a phone number, an address, a restaurant, a plumber… anything, they go to the search engines. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s simple. For businesses, advertising online is so important. Everyone knows that because everyone’s doing it!Here’s the problem. The market today is oversaturated with so many internet advertising services and it’s gotten to the point where they’re all doing the same things on the internet and they’re just competing with each other so now nothing works. The question is, what makes MY service different so that it saves my clients money and helps make additional revenue. That’s the real question isn’t it?My company uses special techniques and strategies that no one else has been using in most industries. Viral Marketing is a PROVEN strategy that we use to help people save money, and generate more new business. Viral marketing in a nutshell, is basically digital or electronic word of mouth advertising. Ya know, offline we call it word of mouth. Online, it’s referred to as viral marketing. It’s where one person tells or emails another about a website, story, video, movie, restaurant, product etcetera. The message usually starts out with something like: hey mike, you’ve gotta check this out.Snickers uses Viral Marketing. Burger King uses viral marketing. Hotmail uses viral marketing. BMW uses viral marketing. In the insurance industry, nobody’s been using viral marketing!Last year I helped 37 insurance companies increase their sales by as much as 50% with profit growth even higher than that. Last month I helped a client of mine in the insurance industry sell 22 more insurance policies…in the insurance industry!Because of Viral Marketing … I can help businesses sell more of what they have to offer. I can bring in potential buyers. What that means is there’s no competition!! And what that really means more revenue, more money! And the reason I say that is because everyone who uses Viral marketing is making money.