Successful Business Advertising With Postcard Printing and Mailing

When John P. Charlton of Philadelphia patented the postcard in 1861, he had little idea of how popular it was going to be.The postcard was originally created to provide for the people’s need for an easier way to send short notes. In the early 1900s, they were used as ‘souvenir cards’ that held the memories of a particular place or event. The use of postcard as souvenirs is still very popular today, and is a great way of promoting tourism. In addition to that, postcards have emerged to become a very popular tool in today’s marketing community – in the form of advertising postcard.Advertising postcards are postcards that are used for advertising purposes. They can be used to promote important events, to raise awareness about a particular company’s products or causes. These are easy to distribute as they can be mailed directly and economically to potential customers, or left to be picked up at restaurants, bars or nightclubs. The use of postcards in promotional activities has given rise to a large number of postcard printing firms today.In the beginning, postcards were only issued by Post Offices, but in May 1898, private publishers and printers were granted the permission to produce postcards. Since then, numerous private firms have come forward with their printing expertise to make the most of this opportunity. At present, the postcard printing industry has not only grown to be a successful venture in the marketing world but has also taken a whole new turn with the advent of the Internet.With the development of the Internet, the postcard printing service firms have began to explore markets beyond their localities. Now customers can order postcards online from different states, or even countries. Some printing firms also take in the responsibility of direct-mailing the postcards to the intended clients at specific addresses provided by the customer. When it comes to the designs or templates of postcards, the options provided by these printing firms are innumerable. Customers can design their own postcards, or can use a firms featured designs and personalize it to suit their needs. Some also offer designing services to help customers create eye-catching postcards according to the customers’ needs. All a customer needs to do then is to upload the design on the website of the online firm, and order the postcards to be delivered at the prospective clients’ doorsteps. It is easier than ever.Printing the business postcards is not a tough job for the firms either. Because of the advances in digital technology, printing equipments can now be incorporated with computers to edit or enhance and print high quality postcards without much need of manual interference.The ease with which large batches of postcards can be printed today is perhaps the reason why the industry is flourishing with so many new firms. And the trend will continue to grow; as such online services are quickly becoming popular amongst a diverse array customers. However, only the firms that can offer superior quality and service amongst the lot will survive in the long run. After all it’s a very competitive market out there today.

Taxi Business Advertising: Part 1

Once upon a time, I was one of those bounce-around inconsistent people who had constant ideas flowing and enough energy to start projects. I would start and fail then start and fail another one. I have always had a job since I was 15 and good work ethic. If you called any of my previous employers, they would speak highly of me. However, work, promotions, and career advancement never really interested me. I have always wanted to own my own business, and I finally started a successful one that makes money. If you own a taxi cab business or are thinking about starting one and want to succeed, there will never be a one-size-fits-all taxi cab marketing plan, and you know this. Taxi cab marketing and advertising is constant just like any other business. You will always be on your toes trying to find ways to increase your exposure.No matter where your company is or will be located, there will always be more companies in your area starting up and competing for leads. The good news is that whether your business is in a bustling city like Miami and Orlando, or in the tranquility of west-central Fargo, there will always be a demand for services. This demand will increase as well, and if you are smart and patient in your marketing plan, your company, no matter how small, can and will grow as the demand and leads grow. This guide will give you an outline of where to start your marketing plan. The first recommendation I have is to slow down to speed up. I know how it is, and you are urging to start blasting your company all over the internet. You need to be patient with your listings and ads because search engines like Google are looking to validate your company and will give you a chance. If the Googlebot sees links popping up too fast, especially in places that are not relevant to the business, then it might pass you by or issue demerits to your page rank because your links look too much like spam. You want to slowly build your business up, so that the major search engines will validate your local business.Even in smaller towns, there may be dozens of companies run by owner-operators and small businesses. This makes it difficult for potential customers to eliminate the great from the weary. The first thing a potential customer will do 9 times out of 10 is go online and look for a service directory or use the Google and type in “taxi near Miami” or “cab near Orlando” or “airport shuttle near ‘your area’.” This will retrieve a list of local companies in your area. In the list, a potential customer will typically choose at least 3-5 companies and call them to try and find the best taxi cab rates. When they have the list in their hand, they will probably do a little research. One site they may start is Better Business Bureau. Some people say cash is king, but if you plan on being successful with company, think “customer is king.” Most reputable companies will be part of the directories, or at least one association. Yours will too if you treat your customers like kings and queens, follow the rules, and be smart. Step one to get your company up and running is to launch it on all the major search engine maps. Each search engine map has strict rules. Do not try to bend or break them. Here are four places I recommend you start to market your local taxi company. Use your real business name.1. Google Maps
2. Yahoo Maps
3. cab rates
4. Bing Maps