Comparison Of Analog Telephone Systems With Digital Phone Systems

Telephone systems are the basic requirements of all the business organizations. Most of the people find it very difficult to choose between analog and digital systems. In order to remove the confusion, one must be aware of the features and advantages of these telephone systems to choose the best one.Your business telephone system must coordinate the kind of organization that you run. The system must meet all the needs and requirements of your business. Therefore, it is very important that consider all the important things which can help you in making the right decision about it.The Difference Between Analog And Digital Telephone Systems First of all, we are going to take a closer look at all the basic differences of analog and digital systems. Analog telephone systems are known for supporting the business for last many decades. They contain all those features which can be found in the telephone systems found in homes. They contain the features of redial, hold, mute and speed dial too. All the analog telephone systems are fast, reliable and are considered better to be used in all the environments. Some of the analog phone systems also incorporate the features of call extensions too. The sad news is that their feature end here. They are just capable of providing this limited amount of features to the users.It is also important to know that all the analog systems are inexpensive to be purchased because of their simplicity. They are considered very well in the short-term use; however, if you want to gain long-term benefits out of them, then you will have to integrate further advanced features which are going to cost you a lot of money.On the other hand, when it comes to digital telephone systems, they are more modern and incorporate a lot of modern and advanced features to provide extended benefits to its users. They have built-in capabilities to incorporate more features in them. It means that you do not have to do much effort in making them advanced.Digital telephone systems incorporate the features of music on hold, VOIP Integration, alarm systems and many other such features that make them worth to be invested in for organizational use.No matter if the telephone system contains protocol or propriety hardware, the digital phone system offers the feature of IP interface to the users. With the help of the IP interface feature, the user if allowed to send unified messaging in the form of voice mail, fax or email. This kind of system is termed as hybrid PBXs. This system also possesses the capability to be integrated with your call centre and sales software as well so you can take the most benefits out of it.In Small Businesses As small businesses cannot afford the greater cost; therefore, they prefer investing in a low-cost system. Analog systems are considered perfect by them to be used as they offer low cost to them. However, it is also a fact that both analog and digital systems require professional installation.If you have a small business and you want to purchase a new telephone system, then it would be good if you carry out significant research regarding it. The system integration task is basically the main responsibility for IT professional in an organization.On the other hand, the best option is to integrate analog with digital to get benefited by their combine features. If your needs are simple, then the analog system would be best and if you require advanced features, then opt to choose a digital system for your firm.

Features Of A Business Telephone System

One of the most important components of organizations is their business telephone system. Without communication, businesses are unable to carry out their business activities. Therefore, the telephone systems must be perfect enough to be used and must incorporate all those essential features which are required by the organizations. This article mainly discusses the features which must be found in an efficient system.The FeaturesA telephone system must be such that it adds value to your business too. Therefore, the system must be integrated with some essential features. Different brands offer different features. It is important that you must know the complete information regarding the features. Here is a list of the features that must be present in a perfect and valuable system.
The first essential feature is that of auto attendants. These systems are equipped with auto attendant features which let these systems work as a receptionist for the callers. They take the calls automatically and direct the caller to enter the right number to reach their desired extension. This saves time of the attendants who are busy in taking other calls of the callers.
Most of the business telephone systems have conference call features too. This lets more than two conferences to carry out at the same time. There are some systems which allow the conference of only two extensions at a time. However, such systems have also been manufactured which allow the conference of more than two calls as well. Most of the systems offer the feature of internal extension conferences. If you want external conferences, then you will need to ask for that.
The systems have automated directories integrated in them. This feature allows the caller to see the extension of the employee. This can be done by entering the first three letters of his name.
The voice mail feature lets you leave a message for the employee who is unavailable at a time. Some of the systems also allow third-party voice mailing option too.
Call hold feature is present in all the business telephone systems. This feature puts the caller on hold when the attendant is busy in dealing with other people on calls. This is an automatic system.
Then there is a call forwarding feature which takes the call and then forwards these calls to the other extensions if required.
It has a speed dial option which saves the time of the employees in dialing the number of people manually.
Redialing option is also available on these systems. Instead of dialing the numbers all over again, this system lets you dial the number again immediately.
Music on hold is another feature which is present in the systems too. The music automatically gets played at the time when a caller is placed on a hold when an employee is busy in attending the other calls. This gives something to the visitors to listen to while they are waiting for the call to get attended.
Power back option helps to provide sufficient energy to the system when there is a power outage by chance.
The advanced features of the telephone systems will cost you a lot more money but these features are worth paying for. The main advanced features present in the business telephone systems are remote location, follow me and Computer Telephone Integration.
These are some basic features of telephone systems for businesses. If you are planning to buy one, then don’t forget to check if all these features are present in your system or not.